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Welcome to Premium Washroom!

We specialize in state-of-the-art, sustainable sanitary equipment that complies with strict hygiene standards, tailored to your company's needs.

Our company is based in Denmark and we deliver to the whole Europe. Normally we ship out the same day of order and delivery time can take from 2 to 4 working days.

Health and Hygiene

Currently, our environment faces increasing strain, because of pollution. This, in turn, is a danger to our personal health. Moreover, global pandemics are becoming an important factor to take into consideration. More than ever we realize: Public health and hygiene go hand in hand. Our products will help you protect yourself, your customers, employees and visitors, by offering high-quality sanitary products to equip your sanitary facilities to the highest standards.

Our team and our products will provide answers to any questions you might have concerning:

  • the importance of washing and drying our hands correctly
  • keeping the air we breathe inside clean
  • hygienic solutions for your (company's) sanitary needs

Premium Washroom's products will effectively support yours and your stakeholders' health, and therefore your business as well.


Premium Washroom's aim is to support companies that want to be a sustainable business in combination with a hygienic environment, one of the biggest priorities for today's successful business operations.

Our products do not only offer quality, but are produced with a strong focus on both the ecological and economic aspects of production. 

Moreover, investing in sustainable products means investing in our future. 

Find your ideal products now

Premium Washroom stands hygiene, reliability, ecological awareness, all at a competitive price point. You may be confident that all products on our website contribute to your health, our environment and your business. 

Let your eye for hygiene and sustainability support your corporate image!

Get in touch, and we will guide you on your journey towards a strong reputation among your customers, employees and visitors.